Reviews for "-LineSquareDot-"

Good stuff

Nothing more refreshing then a simple music video, something that you can just watch and get lost in it and that is what you have done here. I have seen quite a few like these in my time but very few have been able to capture my attention more then yours has with just simple patterns and shapes. I was seriously watching it and by the time it had reached the end the screen was yellow, i couldn't even remember when it turned yellow!, you were able to create such a vibrant feel with little graphical use and rather applied your efforts to the animation which was stellar. Results of this flash show one obvious thing: if you nail the art of drawing you will be big in whatever you do.

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I thought this was great, the way it all matched up was pretty impressive. The style was very unique as it got further in to the video. Great, keep it up.


I absolutly loved that. every thing was perfectly synced. great piece


Congrats for that flash, the sound and graphics were awesome and the style was totally yours. Well done.


im stoed and i watched this and fuck meh i was mellowed and trippin like anything, good work.