Reviews for "-LineSquareDot-"

holy god.

duuude. i was tripping balls when i watched this movie man. fucking awesome. i watched it over and over and over


I love music videos like this! So sleek and simple, yet it keeps with the music so well.

Holy mothasucka

dude.. can ya spell seizure enducer (dunno if i can) anyway fricken awesome all the way... and watching that definitly f'd my braino a bit!! sweet reguardless!!!

My God...

That, was VERY, VERY, entertaing!

It's like a flash version of those Christmas Light videos. Man I am having one of those moments like: "DUDE! I wish I had thought of something like that!"

Great Job! Make more with differant music! JUST GO CRAZY!

-The Sol Destroyer-

That was amazing.

These are the kind of music videos i like to view from time to time and this one was beautiful, perfectly synced, slightly trippy, AMAZING music are what made this animation absolutely perfect in my books.

Keep it up =)

Oh by the way would you be able to put that song in the Audio Portal?
Then i can rate it there too =P

Masterwabbit responds:

Submitted the Audio to the Portal. I'll have to wait for the whole verification thing to pass though, then it'll show up there.