Reviews for "Never Woke Up"


That indeed was strange but I really enjoyed it. The girl's voice was among the best features of the movie. The graphic/drawing was very simple but also unique and went very well with the dream-like atmosphere. As the review below me said -- this is well worth recognition.

Reminds me of Salad Fingers...

Yep. It reminds me of Salad Fingers for some reason. Anyways, that was really good, creepy, but still great. I know people like it cuz I saw this on the front page of deviantArt. Nice job!

Very creepy

Wow that was creepy.It was cool, but so creepy.I liked it tho and I wouldnt mind seeing it again(in a big room with all the lights on).


Wait wait wait...there's an iron lung noise in the background? Wow, so the girl's in a coma, huh? I agree with servomore, it's cool that you put that in there and didn't just explicitly state "she's in a coma."

I don't get it...

Was she killed by her mother or something?