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Reviews for "Never Woke Up"

As I do love all of your works...

This seems to be one of your older one's. Which is awesome to see because its nice to know how you started out and where you are now. I love it. *5*

WOW And kind creepy

Dang this is like a nightmare that could maybe hit the big screen, also the scary voice dark colors when the nightmare starts happening very nice 5/5


Don't listen to the less intelligent people on this site. This is the work of brilliance. The girl on this flash is truly believable, and the brief short sticks with you after you watch it.

One thing that I wish I'd see in something this immersible is a looped ending, particularly one this creepy. The only thing that ruined the brief experience with this flash was the obligatory REPLAY button. Wouldn't it be cooler to have the forest simply stay there with no way out, other than the close-out button on your browser?

The Indy Of Flash

Very good i must say, i love these types of flash

I love this.

Just thought you should know. This was creepy, but beautiful.