Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

funny fun and gangsta

im addicted to this game dude

Amazing Game!

Crisp and fluid animation. The physics work as expected allowing the player to actually predict where the pirate will bounce.

Definately deserving of Front Page.

OMG, pirates are kewl again!

This was really kewl, and the idea of pirates being shot out of cannons just made me crack up! i love this game, and im in the top scores, thats soo kewl, my score is under the name of Spawn, very very kewl, plz make more awsome games like this, addictive and funny!

Phucken A this game is ADDICTIVE!!

this game is stupendously made, smooth everything, love the combo system, and crisp graphics to boot, arrr, it be the landlubbinest thing i ever set me one eye on... ARRRRR 10 across the board!

Great, absolutely great.

Very entertaining and fun. And is it just me, or do the pirates look like LEGOs?