Reviews for "Cannon Bods"


I fkcing loved this, so much so that ive actually decided to comment, which I dont normally do, you've got a talent for game production, make more...please

OMG, pirates are kewl again!

This was really kewl, and the idea of pirates being shot out of cannons just made me crack up! i love this game, and im in the top scores, thats soo kewl, my score is under the name of Spawn, very very kewl, plz make more awsome games like this, addictive and funny!

Great, absolutely great.

Very entertaining and fun. And is it just me, or do the pirates look like LEGOs?


At first i was bored, but it got so much more fun, loved it =]

Pretty damn fun

It's a simple game it's not complex. Who cares if there's no color and limbs. Pirates have wooden limbs anyway. Very addicting good for a time killer :D