Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

Good game

It's a great idea and it's fun but it was bit easy, and the difficulty didn't increase much between levels. Still a good game though.

Nice concept

I like the concept of the game. Apparently, you put some remarkable efforts into the game. The combo system also makes it much more entertaining to play. It is sometimes a little bit annoying when your cannon balls just miss the enemies by an inch, but guess that it is part of the game. In all, I really enjoyed myself playing the game and it is worthy a 4.00/5.00 from me, good job!

gets boring

nice game but gets boring i hate the damn bird polly

nice time killer

pretty fun little time killer, ets quite hard after level 4 =D

I was entertained. :)

Liked the style of the game, original idea! That's what scores it the best score... But it lacks fun in the long run, so you grow mighty tired of the same levels.. Some kind of twist in the middle of the game would be nice.
But I enjoyed the 5-7min I played. it. :)