Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

Good, but...

Very funny and well executed, except one very annoying bug - sometimes you shoot perfectly but your pirate goes through the falling pirate and you miss him. Something that I'm sure you know about, so just fix that and you have yourself a game deserving a 10.

Not Bad

A fun game for boredom, that's for sure. You could advertise this game as something for people with the flu to do all day long. XP My only problem is how long it takes to reload the cannon. But then again, the reload speed and the fall speed are pretty well aligned, so it's not that big of a problem.

meh pirates

Well I would usually enjoy the thought of firing a cannon at pirates. But the entire theme was a bit too piratey for me. Perhaps there should be more ninjas involved and more gruesome deaths for the pirates. Anyhow fun game I enjoyed it and you did a great job despite your apparent pirate sympathizing ;P

Fix the bugs and you have a winner.

Seriously, I love the concept, it was fun and original. But the collision detection was just awful. I cant tell you how many games I lost when I hit a guy directly 3 times in a row and my guys just go right through him. Its very very frustrating.

warm-chang responds:

There is nothing wrong with the collision detection. Please take care on matching the correct pirate to the one in the cannon.

was straight

I got the highscores...in the top 4900...I forget the exact number...It was a decent, pretty easy game, and I'm sure I could've done much better if I didnt have a broken mouse on a laptop -.- lol...but enough of my excuses....it was a pretty good game....8 at best