Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

Nice one!

This game was well good i even made it into the high scores but like very far behind first place lol

Simple yet fun

Most of the levels had basically the same technique---just shoot and get the pirates. It was pretty easy for me because of that.

an easy fix would make this game a lot better

The only thing that bugs me about this game is which pirate you can shoot from the cannon. There is no visible queue to inform the player which pirates will be coming up next. More importantly, the way in which the pirate to shoot is chosen seems like it is randomly chosen among the possible pirates parachuting down. First, it becomes possible to have a priate type to shoot, with that type not currently dropping down. Second (and more importantly) in later levels (where the number of pirates coming dow increases), the player ends up losing lives because he/she simply never got the right pirate type to shoot. My suggestion would be to have the pirate that is shot match the type of the lowest parachuting pirate. This adds a new level of strategy to the game, as well as giving much more control to the player.

Also the first sound you hear when starting the game up (off the wrist . com logo) is annoying loud.

Other than that, its a really nice game with well made and innovative mechanics.


great game liked the music got boring after a while though it did take a long while though. Liked the parots as well. The hanging cannons was cool to. keep up the good work.
Got place 107 :)


Looks plain and boring but its actually pretty fun, liked it!