Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

Very polished, very fun!

Excellent work. Not only is the game imaginative and fun, it has a very polished feel and solid art and sound. Simple, but so well executed. I can't stop playing.

My only wish is that the pirates that leave the top of the screen would come back down (sometimes a shot would look like its about to hit, but would dissapear beacause it would arc too high).

That game was awesome.

I'm the best though because I made 2042nd in the high scores!

bringing out the kid side of you

the reasons it's great is because
-2 colors only
-no story
-no legs
-no arms
-not gay
-its cool 10/10 5/5



Haha, very addictive.

The gameplay is so simple, and yet it can be so fun!!!
That's a winning combination right there.