Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

gets boring

nice game but gets boring i hate the damn bird polly

I really want is a set of Fisher*Price pirates now

I really like this game. I wish it was a little taller and provided more opportunities for setting up combos. By the time you start getting good opportunities for bigger combos ("combotunities?") there are so many coming down that you have to hustle just to keep the sky clear.

Wikkie333, I suspect you didn't read the instructions. You can only hit the same kind of pirate you're shooting.


i only gave this a 2 because half the time i shoot my pirate just went through all the targets ,, therefor cant hit and cant progress .. no fun.. sorry but if i actually hit the stuff on screen instead of shooting through 5 targets it may have been slightly fun :P

Really addictive and fun!

I had a great time playing this!
graphics:I really liked the graphics,but since it was all purple i gave you a nine.
style:first at one cannon,next at two!
sound:the music really caught the idea "pirates".
violence:really,getting whacked in the head and getting sent to the bottom of the ocean is violence.
interactivity:the only control is moving the mouse,so there isn't much interactivity.
humor:none really.

Fun and somehow addicting!

I really got addicted to this game, and fast! This is a simple, yet well though out game that deserves a try out of everyone, because I can't name one person who wouldn't enjoy this game!