Reviews for "Cannon Bods"


great game liked the music got boring after a while though it did take a long while though. Liked the parots as well. The hanging cannons was cool to. keep up the good work.
Got place 107 :)

Good for some quick fun...

Good visuals, nice clean look and very simple & easy gameplay. Course there isn't much incentive to win nor any replayability really. But if you like a little mindless fun with a Whac-A-Mole style game, then its gives you all you would want plus a bit of strategy thrown in too.

Its ok

Not the best game I ever played, but it is kind of fun. Only thing is that your 'strikes' carry on through the levels, making it hard to win.


I liked it, took me a while to notice that i had to hit the same people with the canon lol

Loved it!

Best Game so far, well done BODS!