Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

Dont bother playing

Fix the problem of hits not landing and then this is all ready to go!

good game

match the pirate youre shooting with the pirate youre hitting

really annoying

because my shots kept hitting thye guys and yet often didn't register as hits. It could be cool if you spend a few hours tweaking the gameplay but super boring as is and the music is so Portillos dude. Like, gimme a burger and a big ass shake with that game. Don't forget the fries either...

Nice art -- the use of color was cool too, interesting shades of blue.

Rating & comment

Graphics: 8/10
Story: ?
Game play 3/10
it would be better if there was a cannon ball
and it just took out anything.


Not the BEST but not bad. The game is mildly addictive, but the collision registration kinda sucks.