Reviews for "Cannon Bods"


AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME STYLE!!!! I love it! great game too :P

Awesome game, very addicting

The last review pretty much said exactly what i think, but about the collision detection, I guess you can only hit pirates of the same type that you are launching, took me a while to realise, probably should mention something like that, unless i just missed it. Other than that great game

Great Game, but...

Graphics - Graphics were great; clean, and clear! 10/10

Style - loved the style! 10/10

Sound - I can't really judge this since I was playing this with sound off, so I just gave it a ten anyway.

Violence - Well, pirates are violent by nature, I guess. And being shot out of cannons is violent, but there was no blood, so yeah...not that it's a bad thing! 6/10

Interactivity - I would've given this a 10, but sometimes the collision detection would stop working and it's very annoying! 7/10

Humor - It's hilarious watching the pirates bounce off of each other! 10/10

It was a great game, with a unique premise, what with the bouncing and all. The only problem was the iffy collision detection, which detracted greatly from your game. Sometimes, I would shoot a pirate multiple times, but all my shots would just go right through it! It's really annoying when you can't kill a pirate and he ends up landing...otherwise, great game!

It was fun

no seriously, shit was fun.

it was ok!

it was ok but for some reson it freezed for me while playing *first time in a flash game*