Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

Absolutely fantastic

This game is simply fantastic. Nothing else needs to be said.


Great game. I loved the physics; the way you can predict were the pirate is going to fly next. The boucing is just as satisfying as you would hope for.
But, most of the time, you only lost because the launched pirite would go through thre rest of the eneimies. Not harming them even though you got a good shot.
I hope you can fix that, because other then that this is flawless! I loved you high-score table too.

Amazing Game!

Crisp and fluid animation. The physics work as expected allowing the player to actually predict where the pirate will bounce.

Definately deserving of Front Page.


The idea of the game was orriginal and generally a good idea, but your coding let the game down, you should of reviewed the problem of the pirates hit boxes before submitting


warm-chang responds:

Just to clarify. There is no problem with collision detection, you must aim the cannon at the matching pirate. If it goes through a pirate, you're aiming at the wrong target. It does say you have to hit the matching pirate at the start.


dude my guy kept going right threw people it was way to boring...