Reviews for "Cannon Bods"


i like the sweet georgia brown in the background

Only got to lvl 8 on this splendid game!

The reason to why i only got to lvl 8 is, i'm not patient enough (Yes, i do blame it on thoose things), this game is very easy to get yourself into and it's pretty easy to play, like it.

Like the styly purple colors and the "ragdoll"-ish music.
Sweet game!

Awesome Game

I got to level 11 and wasn't about to get bored. MysticAngel clearly isn't very smart, because whatever type of pirate you shoot has to hit that same type of pirate, which was a very cool part of the game. The music was all relaxing and stuff, and it was cool when it 'reminded' you on how to charge up your shots, which was useful. It was a very cool game and I can't find anything to criticize--except that if you make a sequel, have in a wider variety of colors, not just purplish.


Very addictive.

Not to mention relaxing ;-).

Loved the style.

Fun game, but hit detection threw it off.

I loved the concept and the bounciness, and the music fit pretty well too. However, what really irked me the most was that my 'cannonball' would sometimes go through the flying pirates. I thought I had to hit a specific part, but it just seemed random. One moment I could pull off a couple of headshots, and the next my guy would just fly through em.

You should really fix it. Would be much better without that bug.