Reviews for "Cannon Bods"


While playing the game it was a good time waster but sometimes the guy would shoot right thru what he hit, and nothing would happen. This would go on for streaks and make it very aggrivating! But besides that its fun.... for a short while.

was straight

I got the highscores...in the top 4900...I forget the exact number...It was a decent, pretty easy game, and I'm sure I could've done much better if I didnt have a broken mouse on a laptop -.- lol...but enough of my excuses....it was a pretty good game....8 at best

Nice one!

This game was well good i even made it into the high scores but like very far behind first place lol

Brilliant game!

This freakin rocked! I wasn't very good at it though :P I got 1339 in the high score table XD

sweet game

I loved the game! It was really cool! I made it to lvl 19 and got on the high score board! Question... How many levels are there man!

warm-chang responds:

Wow! Level 19 is pretty impressive. Good work.