Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

very nice

ok, very nice game, i love the style you chose!

but, after a couple of minutes it gets boring.. maybe some powerups or something will help.


the game was really fun plz get the graphics better though overall really good

really fun game

i didn't know that you had to hit the pirates with matching faces so i'm surprised at how far i got

Great, absolutely great.

Very entertaining and fun. And is it just me, or do the pirates look like LEGOs?

Best game in its class!

Graphics: Some of the pirate designs were really funny, even though they were still ridiculously simple.
Style: Very quirky. The concept, like the graphics, manages to be simple and ridiculous at the same time.
Sound: Who can argue with the Globetrotters theme?
Violence: It's pirates getting shot out of cannons and ricocheting off other pirates.
Interactivity: The gameplay is an addictive mix of bust-a-move and old arcade shooters, and the difficulty curve was just steep enough.
Humor: See violence.