Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

I would have given it a full score IF!

the cannon rounds would match the ones needed in the map, when i reached LV 12, the cannon rounds started to get litelarry fucked up. when i was nearing to complete the level it was impossible... i got 3 of those skeleton figures in row, and no skeletons around but plenty of others (0 misses until now) then the pirates start dropping to the water so theres nothing to do by then. oh well off to scoring, ill think about giving it another review when you fix that bug, since it doesnt give the honest picture of the game if you cant advance beyond certain point.

Graphics(8): Decent graphics with some effort put into it.

Style(6): Style is nice though its almost a straight copy from "Bust A Move" arcade game therefore its not so original as it seems.

Sounds(9): heres where your game is shining :) crystal clear and theme oriented music and sounds, not like those flashes with a sappy animation and some 240BPM techno on the background.


Interactivity(4): tried the game and the same bug occured 4/5 times between levels 12~15 therefore it will drop the score alot. fix it and i raise it.

Humor(7): shooting Pirates out of the sky :P and parrots while your at it, too bad i didnt get beyond the certain levels, would have liked to see what else is out there.

Overal(6): nothing too new to the Genre but its worth playing atleast for a dozen times just for the theme and sounds ;)

Random much?

The coding for this must of been a bit of a challenge. But you did it to such an extent it looked like you didn't even try. The game was well programmed, I couldn't find a glitch or error throughout it.

The visuals were nice, simple... but affective and the animation was fluent and fast. Overall the game was in a huge trance of repetition, but was saved by the controlability and style to it.

Good work none the less.

an easy fix would make this game a lot better

The only thing that bugs me about this game is which pirate you can shoot from the cannon. There is no visible queue to inform the player which pirates will be coming up next. More importantly, the way in which the pirate to shoot is chosen seems like it is randomly chosen among the possible pirates parachuting down. First, it becomes possible to have a priate type to shoot, with that type not currently dropping down. Second (and more importantly) in later levels (where the number of pirates coming dow increases), the player ends up losing lives because he/she simply never got the right pirate type to shoot. My suggestion would be to have the pirate that is shot match the type of the lowest parachuting pirate. This adds a new level of strategy to the game, as well as giving much more control to the player.

Also the first sound you hear when starting the game up (off the wrist . com logo) is annoying loud.

Other than that, its a really nice game with well made and innovative mechanics.

this was good

this is a good leasure game and was preety good

funny but to easy

you could have done a bit more, like put walls inside the feild