Reviews for "Cannon Bods"

This turned out to be quite a good game. The best part is how you can get faster and stronger with your aim. It really is freaking funny to see those guys fly around everywhere. It could have had better detail, but still quite well done. I think the music's pretty cool too. It's a nice variant of those cannon games.

Then again, it may not have been meant to be a variant, but instead a new thing altogether. The music seems to be from a Mickey Mouse cartoon. It just reminds me of the short from "Frozen". I usually think of the word "bod" as being an attractive body. I don't see that anymore.

good but...

was fun at first, but then the difficulty was the same and ended up being boring ... could increase the difficulty a bit, or you may put on a menu: easy, normal, or hard. but until then: 3 / 5 5 / 10

Cannon Bods

ugh...Cannon Bods why do you have to be so extremely easy? your so easy i made it onto your leaderboards. (rank number 35 :3) anyways this game is really easy. it was probably made for a younger audience but still. i will give it one thing. it can be fun. 4/10 2/5.

simple, slightly boring, but fun

Wow, #13 on the high scores list! (As of 4/16/11) I never get high scores! This game was fun. I especially enjoyed the ricochete feature, and what made it more fun was that you had to aim for the maximum number of ricochetes while the target was moving. Good job. It was a bit simple and boring, though. I hit Polly, but after three times, she never appeared again! Upgrades would have been cool, like a triple-shot cannon or rapid fire cannon or something.

Too Easy

IT was quite a bit too easy but it was fun for a while