Reviews for "Courage - Balderdact"

Sound of Epicness

This is truly wonderful. I just created my account to fav this song and follow you till the end of times.

balderdact responds:

thanks!!!! dang I never expected someone to like this song THAT much xDDD

pretty peppy song ya gots here

its good on long trips and stuff, though it repeats it a good song

Sounds like Tat scored a cool song.

It sounds very encouraging and even though your not the person who made "Super Tat" It sounds good as a turtle's theme song Idk probably because turtles are slow and cant really do much. hmmm i should make rise of the turtles XD

This song is so beautiful I just can't stop listening to it. How do you do this?! You are so good at making music. I loved listening to this during 2014 and I still love it now. Five stars for this song man. Good job.


I think you overuse the really common chord progressions.
True, I like the melodies, you're great at making them, but one does get tired of this chord progression, and you really gotta spice them up with something more unique.
Well... Seems like you use the same synth all the time, it does sound good, but a bit bland.
You should try and work on making songs sound fuller by synthesising your own instruments, this way you can have a greater control of your sound.
Keep in posting more great songs anyway, I kind of like this.

balderdact responds:

yea im still trying to figure out how to do alot of stuff hahah
once i figure everything out on how to use my program then i think itll make my songs much better
i have a lot of ideas in my head but i cant get it on the comp LOL
the opposite of ur problem hahah