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Reviews for "[KK] Blue Star"


for a quickie. I'll admit, I DID get a chuckle out of this. Is there some sort of feud going on?


this was the best KK movie ive seen, seems like a diffrent kk movie always gets "turd of the week" haha. well id give this a 1.

KK seriously needs to stop making worthless flash and having members vote 5 so it can barely not get blammed.

but this was the best one so far... is this the road to slight improvement? doubt it.

Are you the..

..KK member who did the intros? Cause this is some talented stuff albeit short.Hey KK,` maybe you should dump this one. Very talented.

Not bad, for a Kitty Krew Flash.

All the KK Flashes I've seen so far were stupid... except this one! You're pretty good!

By the way, "Blue Star" was the name of a temporary tattoo that contained LSD back in 1999. (They sent out a warning about it in the school newsletter; I never saw or tried the drug.)