Reviews for "Handmation 6"


well its ok. but the hand looked like crap.

great but one thing

the camra was skrewd up like hell, and what was with the gold thing to the left of the screen?

otha ten tat it wuz all gud....BTW u are an awsome arteest


you sir are very creative

Yet ANOTHER one!

This was great, really good drawings, good animation. The only thing is, the lights were a bit flashy, although, it was significantly brighter than the others, and done on a white paper so, thats to be expected. Nice work, I love these :)

Interesting animation, bad drawing

The fingers looked broken! You should have drawn it from a photo or traced the outline, since drawing purely from memory doesn't seem to be your forte.

And what's with the lines on the wrist? Are they supposed to be wrinkles or suicide scars?

Anyway, the animation wasn't bad. I enjoy this series.


Nicholas-Deary responds:

Are they supposed to be wrinkles or suicide scars?

No, they were supposed to be low-lying veins, but they came out a bit bolder than I had hoped.