Reviews for "Handmation 6"

Very cool

Not seen any movies like this. Top points for originality.
Not a lot I can comment on really... The one drawing was obviously the focal point for your movie, which was nicely drawn. The stop motion was fluid and it was cool to see the effect.
If you did a series of simple drawings that were like an animation (kind of how a flash movie is compiled using the onion skin technique or like one of the flip pad animations you might have sketched at school in your boredom) you could replace the picture several times through your animation to make your drawing move and move your hand as if it was affecting the drawing... if that makes sense.

Like several drawings of a ball moving from the left to the right of the page and using stop motion to make it look like you're moving the ball.

Just an idea... if you have that kind of time on your hands (no pun intended).

Nicholas-Deary responds:

A very interesting review. Strangely enough, I actually thought of the stop motion ball idea earlier today, as well! LOL, the time on your hands pun has come up before in a review, but I still find it funny. Thanks for the review.

very good

It was a very original idea, and something defiantly worth exploring, because it is very entertaining and clever. However for other handmations like this don’t just base the drawings you create around hands, try exploring other things, although obviously continue to use your real hand in the animation. But this is a very good flash, you have to make others.
And by the way the celotape at the side is a little annoying you may want to remove it, just a thought :D
Keep up the good work.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Yeah, I wish celotape didn't reflect light so well. Thank you.

Handmation could become a new form of art media.

I like how you even incorporated some "animation" into this one. The hand was very well drawn, the frame-by-frame was seamless, I enjoyed watching the fake hand being created.
A nice, simple music that fit the mood. Good job.
None, unless you count the erasing (poor pencil marks)
Play and Re-play buttons.
I liked your own personal touch on the creation of the fake hand (i.e. tapping the fingers, etc) It somehow made me laugh.

Overall - 9, because I think you may be able to make a "longer" movie out of handmation. 5 out of 5. Make more.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Wow! Its always great to see a nice well written review like this.

I loved the way you wrote about the poor pencil marks, that made me laugh and I'm glad you enjoyed watching the little details like the finger tapping. As for the length of the flash, I would happily make it much longer, but as you can see the file size goes crazy. 7mb for a 1
minute video?! Thats crazy. Anyway, thanks a lot for your review, i'm glad you like it.


I like all of these movies.
Of course, your drawing could use some improvements: Try making the palm a little longer, and try making the fingers longer. Also, keep in mind that each finger is a different length. (Yeah, but hands are HARD to draw!!)
But other than that, really nice. Keep it up!

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Tell me about it, this was the most difficult handmation of them all! The flash even took two attempts! It was quite frustrating really. Anyway, thanks a lot for the review and the advice.

Very nice!

The hand could have been drawn better and would have added to the over all piece, but it didn't take away enough to mess up the idea. I really liked this, and I hope that you continue to make inovative handmations!

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Thank you very much!