Reviews for "Handmation 6"

simple movie, nicly done.

nice drawing talent, good job.


I like the style in which you did this, A finger as a pencil Sketching a hand, a quick question, How did u get the finger to look like it was drawing?

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Good question:

Basically, I had the pencil in my right hand, and obviously the left hand was on screen at all time. I would draw a little line with my right hand and then move my finger on my left a little bit. I put my keyboard on my lap so I could quickly press the enter button with my right hand before drawing a little bit more. This was a very time consuming technique and my left hand practically got numb.

It was ok but boring.

It distracts people from seeing good videos and thats why I give it a D-.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Well its supposed to be interesting in an arty way. Rather than the traditional all action, violent entertainment. Which in a way makes the handmation series unique.

Excellent as usual.

A worthy addition to the handmation series. Deserves a 5.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Thanks a lot for the review!

Good and innovative

But you sure have a big ol' wrist in the drawing!

Nicholas-Deary responds:

OK... thanks..... I guess xD