Reviews for "Student park"


i didn't understand that game..
at all.

I like it.

My only gripe is with the music, it gets old really fast, but i guess that why there's a mute button. Annnnywho the game is challenging, not impossible, if you find your just overwhelmed by the amount of activity onscreen, there is a pause button. All you really need for this game is timing and patience.


its very hard. it annoying to pay attention to these kids.if u take ur eye off of one they die. but other than that this game is pretty good



this is a good brain teaser..lyk 8..

but can somebody help me with level 15..??

cnt solve that part..


that was a fun game. Brings back memories of the old lemmings game I agree that some of the levels were a little to similar to the lemmings, but otherwise great game.