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Reviews for "Over Nine Thousand Licks"

lol wow.

at first i wasnt sure if there was acually an owl going to lick it 9000 thousand times but something funny happens before that.... and that was there. one bite to hilarious lol.

PS: animation flow and acual drawings were wack thus the 8


Dude, puberty hit the kid like a car

That was EPIC

original and funny

This get and 9000/10!

ha how many licks? 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha what the thousand!? you suck owl


Why does everyone say they love this and its great? It sucks balls, Brush up on your dam animating and voice-overs I could barely understand what they were saying. Good concept but your "skills" aren't ready apparently.

p.s How did this not get deleted?