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Reviews for "BarbJump"

sick ass!

The graphics were great, the shlupping sound of the guy jumping on his stumps is sick and wonderful. It might have been my shitty ass computer but the delay on the jumping kind of ruined it for me. other than that. Cool shit Maynard

'Twas a laugh

More blood! More blood!

no bad

pretty repetitive but if u want to pass the time go for it

Simple yet effective! Bloody fun!

Not much skill is needed to play this game until the girl swinging the barb wire kicks it into overdrive. Once you get above 30 jumps without losing a limb the game gets tough. I was wondering if there's any difference between the two contestants. It seems like the black guy jumps higher(no stereotype intended).

Funny at first

its ok but after a while it gets a little wack