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Reviews for "BarbJump"


that was extremly creative and awsome. it should have more people and some more sound effects. i didnt have 2 try. i wasnt even looking at the screen and i got 50 jumps. way to easy. i loved the violence. omg u have 2 makeantoher one!

Funny concept, but gets boring easily.

I thought it was funny the first time, pretty neat to see how they get disassembled, but after a while, it just got boring. Not much to say besides that. Funny at first, but then just gets repetetive and boring.

Good... but cud use sum improvementz

It would be cool if the blood gat in teh sand, and if ther wr mor ppl 2 chuze frum


pretty good

Not bad

This is game is pretty fun for a short time. Maybe its just cause I sucked at it.