Reviews for "Best Death"

not bad at all

i love the opening shot b4 the doors close. good work i loled
ps who did the j-pop song at the end sounded interesting
keep it up

cool one

that was a nice animation. a little bit short, but it was still pretty cool to watch.... and quite an interesting ending to it as well.

hmmmm . . .

nice joke, too short


lol so uncalled for!

i don't get it.

a) did he sneeze?
b) did his sneeze's inhale suck the other person in the elevator towards him?
c) did this cause one of them to die?
d) which one died?

0blivi0us responds:

a) hachooo.. no he took a crap?
b) No.. geuss not..
c) the sneezer died i geuss he was still standing
d) Me?