Reviews for "Best Death"

not bad at all

i love the opening shot b4 the doors close. good work i loled
ps who did the j-pop song at the end sounded interesting
keep it up

That was really funny

Original way to die actually, which is hard to come by now a days! :D I think this would be perfect for an intro!

very funny!!

That was an extremely funny animation. The idea was really good. It could do with being a bit longer and addding more events but as this is an intro type of thing, it is really good. Hope to see more of your longer work :)

lol what was that?

What was the death? Death by killer sneeze? >.<* lol no offense. I liked the animation and i HOPE to see a full animation (as you mentioned) of this with awsomez stuff and humor :D. Best of luck!


Heh =0

good job,altough if the slaughtering was longer,it woulda been better.