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Reviews for "Kirby vs. Luigi"

Awesome Video!!!!!

That was Awesome!!! I love the Pik Men fighting the frog. Very creative. I love that random things came up when they were fighting.


It was great. Who was the winner though?


Firstly, i like how you added in all the moves we know and have come to love from these two Nintendo legends. I thought the sound in the background wasn't that strong and instead you could have gone for some heavy metal band to pump the mood up alittle. The action was also alittle far away and it would have helped greatly if you zoomed in about half of what the screen actually was, because it felt like a lot of empty space at times. Overall a pretty enjoyable fighting flash though.


Keep it up

This wasnt half bad your friend has potential and if he increases his movie length and turns his movies into a series im sure he would go very well in newgrounds. He knew wat to do and the abilities of all of kirbies and luigi.

P.S kirby would own luigi >.<


it was an alright sprite animation. a little bit short, random and not very much action in it, but it was okay to check out.