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Reviews for "TooF 1300"


Another great animation by Logo, keep up the great work!

MACception responds:

I'll do my best man :) The next one's already scripted, so I'll get to work on it right away.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Glad to see you on newgrounds again logo

I've visited your site all the time ever since you announced you were leaving Newgrounds. Now I come to find out that you're back with a brand new Toof!! I have a strong feeling this series is going to be truly amazing. Good luck Logo

MACception responds:

Thanks man. I've got a good feeling about this series too :)

Thanks for hangin' around the site...I'll explain why I came back to NG in an animation. It'll be out sometime soon.


I miss starcrafter so much....

MACception responds:

So do I! I'm beeeeegggggging my brother to hook up the computer setup again so I can record another!

We'll see how it goes...but if I get the chance, you'll see another one for sure :D :D :D

He said "Barg rarg bargg barg"- that rocked

-Main Comment-
I used to think TooF was good, but I've recently been working in flash, learning the ropes and such. Now I realise how hard it is to animate, and I've tried to record stuff, but it comes out as crap. This takes a lot more time and effort than these hateful noobs could understand. Well done again Logo, TooF keeps getting better.
Lip-sync is great, it takes forever to make it look good. The symbols, although basic, are neat and well-animated - 10.
TooF is SO full of style, the animation is pretty damn sweet. The teeth look so good, and the music rocks - 10.
Great choice in music, the Offspring... decent choice. The vocals are really good, how do you manage to record it that cleanly? - 10.
Spectacular explosion, with teeth flying everywhere. That was good, especially the landing, ouch says it all - 7.
Play button, Replay button, Link to site, all good. you don't need any more interactivity in a flash movie - 3.
Always a laugh, and I personally love the whole TooF series. Your random style of obscene humour is a winner - 10.
TooF is hilarious every time, with great music from Korn and The Offspring, with great graphics, crystal-quality sound, side-splittingly funny scripts, and really worth watching - 10.

MACception responds:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, awesome reviews like this...they're just hard to reply to because you pretty much say everything that needs to be said :P

Flash is difficult...though I don't push it to its utmost boundries, what I do does still take time, and I'm happy you notice. I do the best I can with what I'm given, and I'm glad every time someone likes it :D

Glad you did bro. Layyyyyyyyyt


(funniest scenes)
When he fell on his balls.
When he said that beasty was adorable.
When he said that the afro dude looked like an upside-down homo's testical.
When he told Solid what Beasty said.

I coulda sworn one of them was gonna notice the timer and say something about it, and that's how they'd find out, but along comes TooF solid.