Reviews for "TooF 1300"

Two words (scuze my language)

FUCKIN' AWSOME!! just staight up BAD ASS!! love it!!

MACception responds:

LOL! NICE DUDE! Glad you liked it bro. Nice name too...rolls off the tongue :P

I don't know what's wrong with everyone...

I don't know about you but the way I see it is that people either absolutly love it, or downright hate it. I am one of those people who absolutly love it. Everyone is talking about how easy it is to animate this, but the real question is, does it really matter? I for one know that it took long and hard work to make this but even if it didn't, it entertained me anyways. Isn't that what movies are all about? I don't care if the graphics are overused, this entertained me, the jokes are a little better, and it's intresting. You people should really stop complaining about quality. Jerry Jaxon has the worst quality. Do his movies pass? Yes they do. Do they make front page? Yes, they do. So everyone stop complaining about what doesn't matter. Great work Logo! :D

MACception responds:

"It entertained me anyways, isn't that was movies are all about?"

My friend...if only everyone saw it the way you do :) Spot-on review, thanks for that!


IT was gret i dont know what they last guy was thinking but it was great

MACception responds:

Thanks man. Glad you thought so :)


This is the best out of all the Toof movies...Keep up the nice work!

MACception responds:

There's more where that came from :P Thanks man.

to borrow a phrase...

that...is the most metal thing...i have EVER seen.

you've enriched my life.

I now present the holy church of LOGO!!
praise be to the toofness


MACception responds:


+2 cool points for a kickass review. Not often do reviews make me laugh :)