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Reviews for "TooF 1300"

Next movie

Show what the fuck the person that owns the mouth is doing. I mean common, his teeth are walking around and talking, and being blown to smitherines.

Do it.

Do it now.

MACception responds:

I usually hate it when people tell me what to do...but this is damn hilarious :)

I usually don't give away plot, but I'm gonna tell you that the person's mouth holds no place in this storyline. That doesn't mean I can't do anything with it in a short I might do later or something like that :)

Pretty good job.

The 'don't fall on my balls' part was funny.

MACception responds:

:) Thanks. I thought the same...the beginning lagged on a bit too long...sorry for that.

You should celebrate this with potato juice.

Review body is necesary. :)

MACception responds:

I didn't know you could get juice from potatoe...


GOtta love bad guys...


'S goood. Its like, Pie good...ya, that good... It's great to finally see a plot in the TooF series, even though the randomness had some funny in itself. So 10/10, shits and giggles had by all.


Wow, I thought this was gone forever. Remember me? HunterK. Don't pretend to if you don't! Switched my alias before lock down. I am glad that you took more of a story approach now! Still hilarious!