Reviews for "TooF 1300"

hell yeeah!!!

this episode was bitchin. if you dont continue this series i would either kill you or every one within a 5 miles of this computor. jk but seriously this flash was aewsome keep up the good work

Nice Look in the Beginning

What’s with this guy called Beasty? So is the whole mouth gone now? I hope there is another one to answer all these questions I have… It looks like this is going to kick ass though!


I have always been a fan of the Toof seies. But this new series looks like its gonna kick some ass.


*smiles so much that jaws begins to make funny noices* Logo.. you are one of the most talented artists ive seen.. not because of your graphics (no, wait... nvm >_<) but because of your humor :D hope you make more and keep them commin'


I didn't think I'd see this on Newgrounds

I thought you would stop posting TooF movies to Newgrounds for good, but I was wrong. Anyway, I first saw this on Logo Presents. I love the intro. The detail on the Opening Text is really badass. I keep saying to myself "How the hell does he do it!?!?" Anyway, I like the intro convo. TooF was really meant to be random, but when BeasTooF interrupts, it gets even serious. Anyway, the Yookies DIDN'T make noises for NO reason. And I'm not sure if they spoke a language. Anyway, I love how you did the "OMG." And also, the "Don't Fall On My Balls" was hilarious. I can't wait for the next episode. If you're stuck on the next episode, here's an idea.

Snake: "Are you ready!? It's about time we taught that power-hungry bastard a lesson for once an--"
LogoTooF: "But, we haven't even begun yet."
All: "... ... ..."
Snake: "You're right. We need to think about making our first move."
Cubey: "Launching a nuclear missile perhaps?"
Snake: "Are you f__king crazy!?!? If we nuke Croose and his army, we'll kill the King too!!"
Cubey: "Sor-ry! Just an idea!"
Snake: "Well, you know what they say: "THINK before you ACT."
TooFLogo: "We better hurry, we don't think fast enough, we won't have enough time to f__king act."

That's the idea for the intro. You like it?