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Reviews for "TooF 1300"


So your back at newgrounds, good. Glad to see you back. Though I've been watching on your site on the few tooth series.

Oh, and if this is going to be a series, might as well make it in a different catagory on your website, like you were thinking about.

Keep it up. This series is great. :)

MACception responds:

Yeah that's kinda where I'm stuck...But I'll have to do a holy buttload of work to make it its own section on the site, so I'll just split the TooF section in 2.

Glad you liked it tho :D


i love toof:P

fucking wookies. cant wait for them to dromp bombs saving the king

MACception responds:

Good to hear it :) It's only a matter of time ;)

The movie I´ve been waiting

This movie was awesome. I laghed all the way (007 kicks batmans ass) and totally loved it. And WOW. the teef got out of the mouth. Can wait to see more

The Best: The plot change and that you answer to reviews
The Worst: I have to wait for the next one

MACception responds:

Hey, I do answer to reviews, don't I? :P

I'm not particularly in favor of 007 or Batman, but Clooney rocks Brosnan any day ;)


That was amazing. Great graphics and style. I really liked this. You do very great voice acting. Will there be another battle between Toof Croose And Solid TooF?

GReat work man. *applauses*


MACception responds:

I'm not going to give away any plot hints :D

Thanks though, good to know you enjoyed it :)

Yay I <3 toof!

Horray!! I like this series-funny, simple, but funny; and those who moan about the graphics-screw them. I can't draw ***** so I have no room to talk :(.... But anyway, I enjoyed to flick!

Also: I liked the "new" direction of actual plot-I'm sure it would get hard to keep making a funny short every time. But this one was still funny [though I never watched Bond films [I know shoot me] soo....] Still Good and keep it up!

MACception responds:

Lol...most Bond films suck dude, you're not missing a whole lot :)

We'll see how the plot travels :)