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Reviews for "TooF 1300"

Pure awesome

One of the most awesome things ive ever seen.....Also, your explosions are epic...add a more in the next one please :D?

As always, great humor and style.... keep it up!

MACception responds:

Without trying to give up any plot to the next one...there aren't any explosions in 1301 :( Sorry dude.

Though there will be more humor and style, I assure you that ;)


Finally a new toof. this kicks butt man, BTW "gonna fall on my ball... *bam* yup i definetly fell on my balls" = priceless. One thing i realy dont get what toof crooses problem is with the king... oh well.

BARG!!! lol =)

MACception responds:

You'll figure it all out with time, I promise :D

Glad you liked it bro.

yay! more toof!

I enjoyed it. And I look forward to seeing what's going to happen next. Don't take what that other guy says too much to heart. I don't know what kind of a stick he/she/and or it has got up it's ass but keep going. cuz where else can we watch teeth in their natural habitat. Let's be honest.

I have one question though...How does one look after having ones teeth exploded out of ones face by tiny explosives?

O.o...riddle me that.

MACception responds:

Tiny C4 charges placed under the roots...you'd know if you'd done it before... >.> <.< >.> :P

I didn't know chicks used the "Stick up the ass" saying though? Your the first I've heard say it...I guess only on NG eh? :P

very tasty again

whats with you and the offspring?

MACception responds:

I dunno. They're not bad though :D

The intro/outro song just seem to fit well IMO...No?



MACception responds:

:D Thanks dude. A return for me? Or a return for NG?