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Reviews for "TooF 1300"


I miss starcrafter so much....

MACception responds:

So do I! I'm beeeeegggggging my brother to hook up the computer setup again so I can record another!

We'll see how it goes...but if I get the chance, you'll see another one for sure :D :D :D

Good Job!

I love that TooF has a story now. It makes it even more interesting then before. I hope all the episodes in this series is a success.

I also like the detailed review as the guy before me.

MACception responds:

As do I, as do I, and as do I...

And as do I again :P

Good posting in the forums too man, thanks for that. Stick it to toofdude ;)

Toof Originality

Hey man. Good stuff. Been watching it been hit with negative and positive responses.
I just want to say....

=O You're getting EXTREME.

And what type of microphone do you use!? It sounds crisp n' clear!
Grand stuff! Keep it up!

MACception responds:

Yeah, there's not much you can do when you create something...not everyone's going to like it. Just like music, there's no 1 song, band, arts, or even damn genre people can agree on :)

I use some $60 studio style mic, but more importantly a $200 external soundcard. That's about it.

Thanks dude.

Loved it as usual

Looks like a promising new series of TOOF!!!!!!

I love youtr stuff, man. Cubie's accent I actually just started randomley for no reason without thinking about it. Like, I be talking to mom and when she gets Pissed I'll say,

(cuban Accent) Okay, jeez calm down, alright?

She hates it XD.

Keep it up!

MACception responds:

Aw dude, that's so damn awesome. Had I been able to do Cubey's voice when I was a kid, I would have pissed my mom off allll the time :)

I swear man...

your stuff keeps getting better but, I miss the freakin japanese toof. FASTABOL.... still cracks me the hell up. keep it up man.

MACception responds:

TooF-Pow will be back, I promise :)

Thanks man.