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Reviews for "TooF 1300"

There's a reason why your my fav artist!

Awesome job with this one, really made me laugh.Can't wait to see how the series will unfold.Good luck dude!

MACception responds:

And I can't wait to unfold the next episode :) I"ve got ideas in the works, hope they come out how I want them to :)

:D best ever

5 for violence cause practically no violence
oh dude I love the SF it was hilarious: wait a parrot went poo poo in the woods lolz :D. : wait the kitchens not on fire lolz its been awhile since I've seen your animations(you dun know me cause I am new)

MACception responds:

Meh, it's all good bro :) Just happy you like them at all :D


Awesome job once again. My only question is what song is played at the end?

MACception responds:

The Offspring - Long Way Home

I love that song :)


Never really got into toof before this... i liked it.. i just wasn't around newgrounds too much before when they were front pagin' like crazy. I think it's about time i go back n check em out. the few that i watched were awesome. The solid snake and Christopher Walken teef are so fuckin awesome. and bleeps just make it better.


Im a huge fan of your work ( your number one on my "favorite flash artist") and this is one of your best flashes so far. It's great that your starting a real plot for toof. Hopefully it will still be filled with humor. You need to hurry up and finish the next episode :)

MACception responds:

Aw man, if it were only so simple as "hurrying up" :P I really wish I could, but this little thing called...damn what was it? Oh yeah, LIFE gets in the way...super sucks!

But I'm going to bust my tail and get it done as soon as I can. Don't expect to wait longer than 2 weeks :D