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Reviews for "TooF 1300"

This was so funny!

I am so glad you came out with this awesome movie! I love the bit where he's like OH.MY.GOD :D

MACception responds:

Lol. Thanks dude. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep your eye out for more in the future.


I love da toof man, keep it coming!

MACception responds:

I will for sure :) Thanks for the review dude.

Toof is back... With a story!

Well... Me myself has always liked tooth be it random chatter between you and a piece of chicken, or you and tooffield. Now that toof has a story I am wondering where it is going to go... I like your style of animation though it is basic it is still effective. You were spammed off of newgrounds by ignorant little children that don't have their mind's open to new types of animation and voice acting. They just expect it to be perfect and flawless with amazing visuals and the whole 9 yards! In my opinion that makes for a boring series plus the whole time it was in a mouth so the visuals supported that!

Anyway I can't wait to see where you will go with this. I still want commentary if you can take the time to do that... It was awesome hearing what you had to say about your own stuff. Maybe do comments on with reviews as well. The fans appreciate that. Also, don't let the children drag you down this time man. You make first page alot and they are jaelous that alot of their flashes don't. Anyway have fun and make a good story. I'm rooting for ya!

P.S. What kind of ice cream you got?

MACception responds:

I'm happy things are leaving the mouth too. It worked for the time being, but the lack of really creating anything "New" was getting to me. This will definately solve that problem :D

Dude, I still do the commentary, it's just on my site now to reduce file size on NG :) Check it out on the site if you wants to.

Nestle drumsticks...hell yes ;)

Nice and funny, but no masterpiece

Well, as I read other reviews here it's interesting to see that people either liked it completely or just hated it. Another interesting thing is that some of the hating faction seem to assume that to like this flash you have to be "premature". BUT I'm not reviewing the NG-Community hear, and before I fall into rambling and ranting again, here's my review of the newest TooF.

Graphics 8
The Graphics are no revelation or anything, but thy're are nice and simple. Some people just aren't that great artist and have to make do with what they have, and I think you did so rather well. I also don't care that your art hasn't improved or changed since the first, since This type of art was one of the things I liked about TooF in the first place.

Style 8
It starts out like just another TooF episode, rambling and ranting Teeth and the like, but in the end it seems like there is much more to come. I, for one, hope that the story-part you're promising is a good one, but until I see otherwise I'll assume so. And while randomness CAN be funny, story is better most of the time.

Sound 7
I don't often agree with your choice of music but hey, taste is taste and different from person to person. The voices were clear, but there is nothing like discerning character voices, which is a little annoying, and definately needs improvement.

Violence 4
Well, the mouth was blown up but elsewise... nothing. But it's OK, I can't imagine blood'n'gore in TooF anyway.

Interactivity 0
Weeeell, it's not a game, but an easter egg or two can be incorporated even in movies, so that would be interesting to se in the next TooF

Humor 7
I like the talking Teeth and I like their ranting. Sure, it's nonsensical at times but who hasn't blabbered nothing sometime in his life? But I must say even for me who likes it it's getting kinda old. So some other flavor of humor would be nice to see in the next TooF.

Overall 7
As said in the headline, I like it but it's not a masterpiece, but hey, we can't all be picassos and hendrix' so I on't think something needs to be a masterpiece to be good and enjoyable.

MACception responds:

Now THAT'S a review. You didn't like some parts, but you gave constructive criticizm man...one of the most solid reviews I've seen ever.

Graphic-wise you're right, I was never a good artist, so i do have to make due. Sound wise, I'll work on character voices...once again I do the best with what I was given, because I hate relying on other people. A good example is the guy who does TooField's voice is quitting his job (We work together) so now I have to figure out what to do with his character... :'(

"Good but not a masterpiece" I can live with that...1300 was supposed to be a setup for 1301-13whatever. I just wanted to get how it all started across the screen.

If that's worth a 7, kickass :) Thanks again for the superb review bro.

Teeth. I mean, C'mon.

I think you could improve this by animating it more like the TOOOOOOOF+ flash, but with less uninteresting conversation. Also, consider making a commentary where you don't whine about what complications you had while making it, then drift off into events totally unrelated to the flash you're trying to commentate.

Toss those gradients. Teeth are not all one shape, consider variety. Be less predictable.

Lemme guess... the next episode will start out with an Offspring song, followed by a carbon copy of your first episode design, and dialogue that is totally pointless and unfunny. Combine that with an annoying wind whoosh sound in the background, censored unneccessary vulgarity, and finish it off with another cut to an Offspring song, followed by an emotionless commentary that only halfway relates to the episode.

Ooops, sorry... I didn't mean to give your next masterpiece away. :(

MACception responds:

Pretty much. But thanks for the review anyway.