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Reviews for "TooF 1300"


hey its me again u no bashinskullz but im a grrl remember so uh u wanna talk im bored now i watched every single toof and they were awesome any ways im bored as shit will u replie today
its thursday 15 2007 march u got msn? i do i got it when i was like 7 i wanna talk to u so can u reply PLZ!

MACception responds:

Lol, yeah, I've got MSN, but I don't get on often. Best place to catch me is on my forums. I check those the most often.

Glad you like TooF, more to come for sure!

I loved it.

Graphics - Above average, and it looks good, with some good character design, despite the fact that all of the characters seemingly look alike, because they're teeth and are supposed to be in someone's mouth, but characters like Beasty, and the tooth that I presume is supposed to be Christopher Walken fit the voice acting, and that's all a character really needs to do.

Style - I loved the dialogue. The whole "Brosnon vs. Clooney" conversation was great , and the cartoon as a whole was enjoyable, but I like it when people put in dialogue like that discussing pop culture. When it's well done, it's a wonderful thing, like it was here.

Sound - Nothing was garbled, which is probably half of the reason the flash was over 4 megabytes. But hey, it's good to hear things, because sound is half of the cartoon. Right? Right.

Violence - Well, the tooth his his nuts really hard on that basketball pole, right?

Interactivity - I like playing with the zoom and the quality buttons.

Humor - It was fairly humorous, and I laughed out loud a bit hearing the "Don't land on my balls" line.

Overall - Average is 5, but this deserves more than that, so I'll bump it up to a 7 for no other reason other than I liked the opening dialouge.

MACception responds:

Pretty in depth review. Usually when someone leaves one like this, I don't have a whole lot to say in response because they pretty much explain it all in the review...so I'll just say thanks? :)


An epic movie of orgasmic proportions.

My description says it all.

I got really curious when I saw a new TooF, dropped what I was doing and watched it. I am so freaking glad I did, this was awesome. Way better than TooF 1, and I cannot WAIT until the next episode.

5/5, my favorite TooF thus far. Great work, man :D

Btw, I loved the Solid vs Croose idea, this can definately go places :D

MACception responds:

Places I intend to take it :D I'm glad you were able to drop everything and watch it, and even gladder...yes, gladder that you liked it :D

I can't wait to make the next episode, so I'm happy you can't wait to watch it ;)

Thanks for the review.

You're used to this:: 10!

I'm happy you decided to start making TooF for yourself again. That's really what it should be about anyways. Screw the fans and if they push you too hard for a new one, do what you just did. Freakin' move again xD!

Anyways, this was, of course, clever and laid out very nicely. If you think about it, ever since Solid showed up, TooF has had a story line. the whole Croose Vs Solid thing you have going on. I love these graphics and you're commentary by the way. Also fresh and funny.
Well have fun trying to develop the next War. =D

MACception responds:


Really the only basis I had for a story was Solid vs Croose, 'cause that was the only thing that happened in more than 1 episode.

The fans weren't what drove me from NG, I'm going to make an animation about what did, soon, so you'll know :)

Thanks for the review dude, and I enjoy doing the commentary, so it'll keep getting done :D

Oh... this is back? I didn't notice.

GRAPHICS: Alright, I know some people are just naturally more artistically talented than others, but that doesn't mean you can't improve on what you have here. I'm not saying everyone can be an Adam Phillips or a James Farr. I'm just saying that if you actually try and practice... you inevitably WILL get better. I realize that they are TeeF in a mouth. They don't have any limbs. But you could try drawing more custom eye and mouth shapes instead of using the same generic ones over and over. Or SOMETHING to not make everything look so static and bland.

This is where you have the chance to save yourself if you're not stellar in the graphics department. However... I didn't think it was that funny... at all. I think this series would be SO much better if it actually had jokes that related to them being TeeF in a mouth. What happens when the guy eats? Chews gum? Goes to the dentist? Something I've always wondered is... who's mouth are they even IN? You should definitely make him a character, and the things he does could effect what happens to the TeeF, and vice versa. That would be sweet!

The idea has so much potential I don't know why you waste it by setting your sights so low.

I also noticed you got rid of the commentaries. Personally, I thought those were the funniest part.

MACception responds:

I understand your points. And I have practiced getting better artistically, but you have to decide when "Style" is hindered by senselessly improving some visuals. Right now I think the only thing I can improve on is backgrounds...I mean, honestly dude, how good can you make a tooth look? or eyes or a mouth? Maybe a tad bit better, but nothing incredible.

About the mouth related jokes, they wont see the mouth again for a while most likely, so until I do another regular TooF episode and not the 1300 series, I wont even have the opportunity for that.

Though, mouth related jokes are so expected...that's why I haven't done them :)

Commentaries are now on my site instead of included in the animation. It keeps file sizes down.

Thanks for the honest review bro.