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Reviews for "TooF 1300"

Entertaining again

Wow I have to say this was one of my more fave pieces you have here in the series but once again I do feel it needs some subtitles, you have some nice funny jokes though and great art design on the toofs lol, anyways keep up the good work it was funny stuff.

some subtitles thats all


Don't fall on my balls don't fall on my balls

ooofff definetily fell on my balls. LOLZ


ya need to mak a second


(funniest scenes)
When he fell on his balls.
When he said that beasty was adorable.
When he said that the afro dude looked like an upside-down homo's testical.
When he told Solid what Beasty said.

I coulda sworn one of them was gonna notice the timer and say something about it, and that's how they'd find out, but along comes TooF solid.


i like the part were he falls on his balls that made me lol!!