Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Greater than the sum of its parts

10'd and 5'd

This is a series that i would expect to catch on adult swim, or G4. to those people who say that the writing is bland and unoricnal, let me say that it takes a while for the characters to develop and for their personalitise to mingle in the chemisty of humor. Also I think what you ment was for this to be a semi-serious series. Sure it may have funny PARTS, but it is not meant to be humouros as a whole.

I do have one sugestion and that is to tone down the ramming in to things gag. It's funny once or twice an episode, but it is realy not running gag material, especaily if you try to make it a running gag in one episode.

Other than that, it's fabulously animated, with nary a hint of tweening in sight. great work!

Visually Pleasing, Cool Concept, but...

... dude, you need to spice up the writing a bit. I want to like this series, but it's making me yawn a bit. Ducks = cool. Nintendo = cool. But you're not playing the concept out very well.

too boring

i only watch this for the graphics and animation


Animation was smooth and flawless. Angry chinese guy was odd, but funny at times. Assasination attempt is a weird twist, but makes for a good sequel. Ill be looking forward to the next part.

Good, but story has too many unexplained parts

The quality was awesome as well as the soundtrack. It could use a little more story structure such as explaining the angry china man. A random plot twist at the end was too open as well. Hope it flows well with the upcoming episodes. Great job! Look forward to the next part.