Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"


My prediction if I may...
The angry Asian man is the one who planted the bomb, he words for a rival game company (Sony?) and that is why he was such a big part in this episode. I liked it a lot though. I saw the first one and was instantly hooked. Another reviewer commented on the voice of Throwback and I didnt notice how bad it was until i focused on it. It does sound very dry like someone just reading, but the voice itself is excellent for the character. Excellent work!

I like the style

As the summary says, I like the style in this series. Even though I wan't even born in the '80's, I can feel the mood from that decade quite clear.

My main point of criticism would have to be the voices, as I find it hard to understand them sometimes. If you could make the voices more clear without taking away their "feel", it would be much appreciated.

I also hope the plot will evolve in the future episodes, as it seems a little thin right now. The story has to begin somewhere, though, and you have used this first episode to establish the background for the main characters, so I find it fair that there isn't that much "action" yet.

The preview of the next episode seemed promising, so I'll be looking forward to that.

Keep up the good work!

This series is sinking to the bottom of the ocean!

It lacks 2 things:

1. Quality voice actors

2. Actual writers

If you do not grab Throwback's voice actor by the neck and toss him to the moon, then this series will continue its skid of mixed reviews that will ultimately brand this series as just another mediocre attempt at bringing something interesting to Newgrounds. The people who are scoring Part 1A and 1B high are the ones reaalllly wanting to like this series and are being kind enough to overlook the poor voice acting, the lack of humor, and the long boring stretches of filler thats meant to do nothing more than suck up time because they believe the animation is of good quality. =(

Needless to say, I am not "really" trying to like this series and neither should any of these people giving high scores without a second thought. Why should crappy television shows be given the benefit of the doubt for any longer than they deserve? Do the people not stop watching shows they deem crappy to help ensure that said show is cancelled, preventing the show from polluting the t.v. screens with its mediocrity again? Why then do these very same people all of a sudden find it in themselves to try to like something that they do not really like, simply for the reason that it offers an idea, poorly executed as it may be, that is fresh and somewhat original.

When I first saw Throwback the duck, first thing that popped into my head was "I'm 8 years old and its Saturday morning". I guess that must have been the feel you were going for, but even those Saturday morning cartoons had their fair share of writers and good voice actors. You would do well to learn a few things from the cartoons which you mock, maybe then your series would be a relevant one on Newgrounds.

you got to make episodes and lots of them

this is good a animation you should make more episodes i whatched 0, 1a and 1b make moore you have my vote and it`s5

Fear not, Children! Throwback FTW!

I look foward to seeing more of this series. You have caught my interest.