Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Very nice!!!!!!!

Very nice but could use some work. very nice though.

BadAss Animation.

...But, i must admit i got bored... But that isn't a bad thing because you may have been making a serious animation, where as I am into Humor.

I have been looking forward for this.

Since episode 0 i have been looking forward for the series to continue, and it is good to finally see some Norwegian work on this site!


I've Been Looking Forward To This

I saw episode 0 when you first released it and was very eager to see where it was going. I like the off humor, though sometimes I feel like I'm missing the joke. Like the crazy Asian dude just made no sense to me. Not sure if it was supposed to just be random or if it was some type of referance. I'm looking forward to future episodes.


great soundtrack, for all the first 3,
reminds me of beverly hills cop.
keep it up