Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"


when can i expect throback the duck 2??!! I WANT Anserws GAHHHHH

oh.... um this is totaly awsome to YEA!!!!!

Very Good.

This is about TV quality; you should create s'more episodes, put them into a profile, and then submit them to some TV station.

Also, to Theomylad (person before me): Mario's been around longer than link; of COURSE he's over Link's poster.

...however, Samus would have been over both of them by your method, due to her pure awesomeness. </fanboy>


Two problems (since this series has little to complain about):

Ya put the Mario poster over the Link poster!

and you kicked the dog iin the moat :'(

but still great.

Please make more!!

Outstanding... I need to see more!

How could i not remember!

Bubsy is a classic game! i think there were two games.....i can't remember. it was out around the time of the 1990s? when nintendo was about to release the snes and around the sega genesis's heydays! Ah those were the good old days! .....pretty nerdy huh? can't wait for more episodes!! keep up the great work!