Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

It's good!

I think you guys are better writing and main character voice acting away from one of the best flashes on Newgrounds.


An Excellent conclusion to the first ep.

The animation is awesome, great culture references and jokes, although there was one that bothered me.

Hey, it's been about nearly over a year, when is the next ep gonna come out? I wanna see more!


luved it

felt sorry 4 bubsy

[anyway] awesome. continue working on part 1c on throwback the duck.

I really love this... then again...

I really like where this is going. You guys should really try for television or something, maybe not with this, considering how esoteric the themes can be sometimes, but with maybe another video-game or/and animal show!

Speaking of esoteric...
Honestly I hope that you won't push the nintendo themes at the extreme for us people that don't know too too much about it! It's your choice, really, but I felt like I was missing something since I didn't know who was that Bubsy bobcat.

Maybe consider putting subtitles? Sometimes I didn't get what the robot small bird said.

By the way, what was up with that chinese dude?!

Finally, am I the only one that noticed the stricking ressemblence between Throwback (why this name anyway) and Donald Duck? I don't mind though, Donald Duck represents my childhood all alone anyway.

Last but not least, I honestly have to say that the music is really really good. The choice and composition (theme song) is simply amazing!!! You got to keep that up, I'm convinced it's part of this cartoon's success because it gives such an attitude!

Few I said all I had to say...I'm looking forward to the other episodes!