Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Beautiful Work. Keep it up

Love it. Keep on trucking man.

very good

but not great. I don't really get it all that well. I am following the series, but I really don't get the long drawn out angry oriental guy bit. I guess it might mean more if I was into computer games.
Hopefully it will make more sense later on.


I am so glad you had a bubsy cameo, that owned! I love him! Also the animation was superb! That whole angry asian bit though was kind of lame/stereotypical. But A good cartoon for sure non the less!

David M.

certainly better than the previous 2 installments

Deffinitly. Because it had less Nintendo references, and more of a mystery like story not completely revolving around his job as Nintendo blah blah blah whatever. Also, it made me want to watch the next episode. Hope the next one is as good as this!

Pretty Nifty