Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

You know what?

...Your style is so slick and professional, I think folks tend to review it as though they were reviewing a hot-shot TV show.
That you could have people believe this was even touching the same production standards is extremely rare.
So don't you dare listen to the critics. Just keep up the amazing work!

Ah Bubsy. Yet another legend-in-the-make who couldn't cut it in the thorny world of 3D... Maybe he and Earthworm Jim could get together and reminisce.

Wait... you're actually PROUD of this tripe?

Okay, fine, you can animate and draw fairly decently. Does that make this entertaining? Not in the slightest. All I saw here was an extremely bland animation about a generic, boring cartoon duck that went absolutely nowhere. It was just loaded with filler. I can honestly say you're going nowhere with this series if all the episodes are going to consist of too many pointless montages and dull, jokeless dialogue (peppered with constant video game-related namedropping, mainly consisting of "Nintendo" and "Bubsy"). It just drones on and on about nothing and I really got tired of hearing Generic Cartoon Duck #0061-7415B talk after the first minute of Part A, let alone all the remaining 10 or so minutes of this heap, and it wasn't at all helped by the extremely subpar voice acting job by the guy who does him. I can only assume future episodes will have more and more boring transitional moments and lousy scriptwriting until at its culmination the duck's speech consists of nothing but names of game consoles and internet memes.

Seriously, way to end the episode: on a 4chan phrase. FTW!!!! LOL!!!! God, I fear the worst for this series.

Only one bit of advice.

Speed it up.

Timing is everything in comedy, but the long pauses causes boredom, so try to leave less lag time in between dialogue an don't drag it out as much.

Amazing Flash, Weak Story, Lame Humor.

What's up with the random Asian guy PMS-ing like that? At least get a person who actually speaks the language instead of making random,
stereotypical offensive sounds. That was not cool. Although good job on the graphics, I'm sure that took you a while and I hope the story picks up later on.


Great graphics, but more poor story. That whole beginning was really, REALLY annoying with the kid attacking everything then pulling an Ace Ventura and going to sleep on the telephone.

Th evoice acting from the duck was bad still, but whoever did the cat BUBSY is a good actor and does the character well so that's good to see. But, he didn't actually seem panicked with the whole assassination attempt which was odd.

Anyway, I am still hoping this series picks up in the writing department so it can become more than just mildly funny (which is being nice) and hand out some good laughs.

Also, new upload limit is 10Megs. Both Aand B should have been able ot fit into one upload, so that's something to think about next time. Plus, a popular series or artist is just an email away to Wade to allow a full upload larger than the allowed limit.

Best of luck!